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Waz The Scoop?

Hello, Everyone!

Just swinging by with some updates!

I am picking up my stained glass again, thanks to HUGE interest in my work! ”Rufus the second, on a Blue Lotus” is headed to his new home in Oklahoma, USA!!!


I am in the midst of designing a window panel, and a third, free standing design for a wedding in May!

I have also returned to working in Faux stained glass recently, completing a sidelight at a front entry doorway.

So.... ”waz the scoop?” On that medium?There is a lot of arguing amongst glass artisans about the validity of “faux” work... why “bother” using glass paints when you could have the ‘real’ McCoy....?

I enjoy the challenges of making the shades within the paints LOOK like REAL glass! Other advantages are that ‘film’ panels can be easily replaced with something else if/when the mood strikes

you, or they start to break down with UV damage. They can be lifted seasonally, if you prefer and stored away, or changed for something different completely! If you rent where you presently live, who wants to invest stained glass in the owner’s property... even IF you may be allowed?” Faux” can easily be taken with you to another home! So, really, the beauty of stained glass can be yours anywhere! You could also be using it as a “trial”...a “let’s try stained glass here”.... before a permanent stained glass piece is constructed. They are not intended to be permanent stained glass!

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1 Comment

Jan 22, 2019

That looks like the way to go, nice idea

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