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Waz The Scoop??

Updated: Mar 4, 2019


Had the absolute joy of being part of live chat with my glass mentor, Lesley Pyke

yesterday morning! (She is a Glass Master in the UK)! Under her instruction

with YouTube and Q & A's, like yesterday, I am noticing HUGE strides in my own

work as I apply techniques she uses! So, this is my latest piece, and it is still,

obviously, in process.

Different sanding burrs, silicone polishers, rat and ball diamonds... (and felt bobs)

are helping me create an 'Intaglio effect' in my glass work.

What is 'Intaglio effect'?

Intaglio is a form of engraving that is VERY deep... the deeper the better!

Placed in the proper places within a piece, with proper shading and highlights,

it allows a flat image to appear three dimensional. I am definitely NO Lesley Pyke...

lol... HER work is absolutely STUNNING!! However, I am learning daily!


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